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"My name is Lance and I smoked for 44 years.  I decided to quit, and I decided to go with Gord's program.  After I quit I never had any cravings.  I was never cranky ... or any weight gain.  And I've been smoke-free for 3 years and I would recommend the program because Gord's way of doing it is unique!"

Edmonton, AB

"Gord was sort of my last ditch effort to try to get it out my life.  I thought, what do I have to lose. So I enrolled in Gord's program, made an appointment.  I walked in smoking a pack a day, and left smoke-free.

It was amazing. Such a nice experience.  I love Gord's personality.  He is so gentle, non-judgmental, which is huge for me because smoking was embarrassing.

I've been smoke free for two years and I've had no side effects whatsoever. I would recommend Gord''s program to anyone.  He is such an amazing man.  He will help you kick your habit.  And what do you have to lose ... be a healthier you!"

Edmonton, AB

"I'm Lori.  And I took Gord's program.  I smoked for about 18 years and I have now been quit for about 16 months without even a fault."

Alberta, Canada

"Hi, I'm Richard.  I took Gord's program.  I have been off cigarettes for over a year.  I recommend it to everybody.

How long did you smoke before you quit?.

17 years and I feel better every day.

When you quit with Gord's program, what was the experience like?  Were their craving?  What happened?

Actually, nearly everybody will have a craving every now and then but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and it worked great!

Alberta, Canada

"Hi.  My name is Roni.  I think I started smoking when I was 14 which is more years than I want to admit ago.  At least 25 years of smoking.

I decided to quit because I'm a single Mom and I'm all my son's got.  I can't imagine not being around for him and his kids for something that I chose to do.

I found out about a Gord from a friend.  I went to Gord's office.  I went in a smoker and I came out a non-smoker.

I believe I stopped smoking - now it's been five years probably.  I didn't get cranky like all the other times I tried to quit.  I didn't have any snacking like the other times I tried to quit.

I just lived life.  I felt better.  I went on a weight-loss program. It was just amazing.  I can't rave about Gord enough.  I've sent everybody I know there.  They're like 'you know you quit smoking, how did you quit smoking?'.

I went to see Gord.  Here is Gord's card.  Go see Gord.  Gord can help you.

And so I highly recommend Gord!"

Edmonton, Alberta

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